RaspAnd – Build 3 150924/160315 – with Google Play Store, now also for Raspberry Pi 3!

raspex-andex-logoNEWS about RaspAnd 160315
I have uploaded a new version of RaspAnd, which can run also on the new Raspberry Pi 3 computer. It is basically the same system as before. Only the boot parameters are changed.

About RaspAnd 150924
I have finally managed to include Google Play Store in RaspAnd and most important Google Play Services.

NEWS 150924
I have compiled yet another Android 5.1 Lollipop system which can run on Raspberry Pi 2. I call “my” new system RaspAnd Build 3. My first version of RaspAnd is from 150405 and my second from 150527. The following useful apps are pre-installed in Build 3 of 150924: Google Play Store, Aptoide App Manager (as an alternative to Google Play Store), Terminal Emulator, AIDA64, Geekbench, WinZip, FileManager, Rotation Control Lite, WPS Office and Offline Maps. Google Play Store, AIDA64 and Geekbench were not included in Build 2 from 150527.

Screenshot 1 – Google Play Store running

Screenshot 2 – RaspAnd’s Desktop

Screenshot 3 – Google Play Services updating

Screenshot 4 – Google Play Store update with Aptoide

Compatibility :: February 2017
Unfortunately not all systems made for Raspberry Pi 2 will run on the new Pi 3. They need to be upgraded with a new kernel. I therefore have to upgrade the systems I distribute. I.e. RaspEX, RaspEX with OpenCPN, RaspAnd Lollipop, RaspAnd Marshmallow, RaspAnd Nougat and RaspArch. I have now (170208) upgraded all systems. Read about the new Raspberry Pi 3


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26 Responses to RaspAnd – Build 3 150924/160315 – with Google Play Store, now also for Raspberry Pi 3!

  1. Rodrigo says:

    Is it now possible to download Netflix from the play store and run it? Or you still have problems with dependencies? Thank you.

  2. Arpit says:

    Does this build come with hardware acceleration for rpi2/rpi3?

  3. Gerard Poels says:

    I downloaded your “RaspAnd for Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 2 Build 3 with Google Play Store and Aptoide”. Now I am on my mac and want to install it on a SD card.
    Where is the manual?

  4. Gerard Poels says:

    “The installation has to take place in Linux though.” So I can’t do that on my mac… 🙁

    • Ángel says:

      Actually, you can do that from a mac. You only need to change the path to the disk, which instead of being in /dev/sdXn format will be named something along /dev/disk1sN or /dev/rdisk1sN (actually disk and rdisk both point to the same data, just with different caching semantics).
      Note that just as in Linux, should you write onto the wrong file, you may lose everything stored on the disk you overwrote, so make sure you are formatting the drive you intended!

  5. Alex says:

    Are there any tricks to getting 160315 to work on PI3? I installed following the directions and put the memory chip in my PI3 and it doesn’t load. When I put the exact same chip in the PI2, it does load.

    Am I missing some step somewhere for PI3 install?

    • exton says:

      That’s strange. It should work automatically. It does for me and nobody else has complained.

      Edit later the same day

      You got me worried so I did a new test install. RaspAnd Build 160315 works (as expected) also on Raspberry Pi 3.

      I can’t imagine what’s gone wrong in your case. Maybe it is of importance which card you use. I use Samsung MicroSD Pro Plus 32GB Class 10. Write speed up to 95 MB/s.

  6. Bosco says:

    I have the raspberry pi 2, as RaspAnd I can install video applications such as YouTube, kodi, and see in high definition?

  7. localvar says:

    does the system support resolution other than 1920*1080? I have a monitor of 1680*1050, but I’m unable to change the resolution.

  8. Enrique says:

    The hardware video acceleration work?

  9. Nigel says:

    Hi, I have RaspAnd running nicely on a Pi3 but can’t see USB storage. I want to sideload an app. What is the best way to do this? Apologies for basic question.

  10. Patrick says:

    Does tasker work on RaspAnd?

  11. Patrick says:

    Another Question, does Google now (voice commands) work?

  12. snaptube says:

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  13. MT says:

    J’ai installé raspand-lollipop-5.1-160314 qui fonctionne sur un Pi2
    Ensuite j’ai installé KODI mais lorsque je le lance il ne se passe rien

    Kodi devrait-il fonctionner ?

    Peut-on avoir une version Android plus récente pout PI2 ?

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