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7 days ago

Exton Linux
Run latest Slackware 64 bit (15.0 STABLE) with Xfce4 live and create your own live installable Slackware 15.0 system with Refracta Snapshot!NEWS ABOUT SlackEX BUILD 230521 with the Xfce4 DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT (DE)A new version of SlackEX is ready. It is based on Slackware 15.0 STABLE released 220202 with Xfce4 as DE. The most important package installed is Refracta Snapshot. With that you can build your own Slackware 15.0 distribution. Xfce4 is one of Slackware’s official Desktop environments. The other one is KDE. Kernel 6.3.1-amd64-exton is used in this SlackEX Build. To be able to use Refracta Snapshot you’ll have to use said kernel. Otherwise you can (of course) replace “my” kernel with Slackware’s original kernel. Study the full package LIST: slackex.exton.net/slackex-xfce4-installed-packages-230521.txtUPDATE/Upgrade the SystemAs regards my other two SlackEX Builds (with LXQt respectively Enlightenment) you can easily upgrade the systems to the present state of Slackware 15.0 stable. Just run the command sudo slackpkg update followed by sudo slackpkg upgrade-all.SCREENSHOTSScreenshot 1 – root’s Desktop with Xfce4 as DE: slackex.exton.net/slackex-xfce4-root-desktop-230521.jpgScreenshot 2 – SlackEX running in VirtualBox in full screen when Guest additions have been installed: slackex.exton.net/slackex-xfce4-install-grub-vbox-chroot-230521.jpgScreenshot 3 – showing a Samba connection: slackex.exton.net/slackex-xfce4-samba-conn-230521.jpgScreenshot 4 – Refracta Snapshot is running in VirtualBox: slackex.exton.net/slackex-xfce4-snapshot-vbox-230519.jpgREAD MORE: slackex.exton.net/ ... See MoreSee Less
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4 Responses to Exton Linux Live Systems in English

  1. G. Kline says:

    Have not been able to get an internet connection (hard wire or wireless) on this release of raspberry pi 2 os after numerous attempts and installs. Everything else appears perfect but can not get to internet. All other operating systems with same hardware operate perfectly.
    The first release was not a problem. Please advise

  2. exton says:

    Which OS do you mean?

  3. G. Kline says:


  4. G. Kline says:

    Sorry got this mixed up with raspex

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