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1 month ago

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ExLight 64bit UEFI, Build 240614, based on Debian “Sid/Trixie” (unstable/testing) with Enlightenment 0.25.4 (stable) as DE, Refracta Snapshot and Calamares InstallerNEW SOURCES 240614This new version of ExLight is based on Debian "sid/trixie" (unstable/testing). Build 240614 is a total rebuild of ExLight. The ISO file size is of only 2140 MB, which means that you’ll need about 3GB RAM to run ExLight even faster from RAM. You can remove the DVD or USB stick when ExLight has booted.KERNELExLight Build 240614 uses kernel 6.9.3-amd64-exton. WHAT’S NEW IN ExLight BUILD 240614?NOTE: Version 240614 replaces version 231005.1. ExLight is now based on Debian "sid/trixie" (unstable/testing).2. I have upgraded the Desktop environment Enlightenment (“Beauty at your fingertips”) to version 0.25.4, which is the stable version of Enlightenment. There is a newer version (0.26.0-4) of Enlightenment, but it doesn’t work (yet). I have therefore “blocked” upgrades of Enlightenment with "sudo apt-mark hold enlightenment". You can “unblock” Enlightenment with the command "sudo apt-mark unhold enlightenment". It could possibly work to upgrade Enlightenment after a month or so.3. I have replaced kernel 6.5.3-amd64-exton with kernel 6.9.3-amd64-exton. ExLight’s ISO file is now a ISO-hybrid, which means that it can very easily be transferred (copied) to a USB pen drive. 5. Another big improvement is that ExLight can run from RAM. Use Boot alternative 2 (load to RAM). When the system has booted up you can remove the disc (DVD) or the USB stick. You will need at least 3 GB RAM to run ExLight that way.6. This version of ExLight uses the Calamares Installer. Very simple to use! A new user (your user) will be created during the installation process. You can also install ExLight in your preferred language. You can as an alternative use Refracta Installer.7. MOST IMPORTANT: I’ve added Refracta Snapshot, which make it possible for you to create your own live installable Debian "sid/trixie" system. I mean change everything to your liking, fire up Refracta Snapshot and wait 10 – 20 min until your new ISO is ready!THE REAL McCoyExLight is a pure Debian system. I.e. no traces of Ubuntu, Kubuntu etc. New releases of Ubuntu are always based on Debian sid. So is ExLight.SCREENSHOTS1. The Enlightenment 0.25.4 Desktop for user user: The Enlightenment 0.25.4 Desktop for root: Using NetworkManager for WiFi connections: Showing a Samba connection: ExLight running in Qemu -1-root: ExLight running in Qemu -2-user: a YouTube Video ABOUT ExLight: Video is called “ExLight Linux – Lightest Distro I Have Ever Tried“. (It is not made by me).READ MORE: ... See MoreSee Less
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  1. Thanks for your work with Android on RPi2 – It’s a good start but needs more work. I find the work done with Android on the BananaPi more stable and user friendly even though it is only v4.2.2

    It took me quite a while to figure where and then how to get Aptoide loaded. Having a web site link in addition to the program name would have saved a ton of time and frustration here. The rest of the instructions were relatively easy to follow. I used the Hiren’s Boot CD v15.2 (PartedMagic OS) to do the rest of the setup (

    Why won’t the Google Play Store app load? (actually got it to load – it just flashes and goes away when running it however)

    I found most of the media player type apps want to flip-rotate the screen and therefore don’t work either.

    I know Android because of my smart phone – less about Linux – but am a master with anything Windows. Wish I knew more on loading Android from scratch like I can with Windows. For the time being I am going back to my Android setup on the BananaPi.

    I do appreciate your work and development on the RPi2. Let me know if you want or need a tester on any future releases/upgrades.


    John Scoville

  2. Dimitris Logothetis says:

    I tried today to install RaspArch on RPI 2. The wifi started only after wicd.
    Most difficult was to install PepperFlash-, I tried to put it to plugins under chromium as under chromium-browser but it wont work. With exec /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium “$@” –user-data-dir
    the chromium works but only as root and without flash.
    I will try to uninstall chromium and install it from scratch but it will take a lot of time and I dont think is right, did I missed something?
    I would appreciate your help.
    I tried also RaspEx as well, the installation of flash was much easier but chrome freezes after playing a video (youtube or streamTV) for a couple of seconds (also a problem to solve).
    RaspArch seems better and not so heavy but I have to solve the problem with Flash.
    best regards

    • exton says:

      Thanks for trying RaspArch and RaspEX.

      The problems you describe are not related to the fact that the systems run on Raspberry. I think.

      Have you tried flash in Firefox?

      Try to find a solution in Arch Linux documentation/forums (if you haven’t done so already).

  3. Ted says:

    Hi, great work.

    I wish to try RaspEX with chromium but wanted to determine if chromium supports HW video acceleration in tags as I wish to run webRTC at 15+fps if possible.



  4. Jon says:

    Hi, i was looking at raspand, i am wondering, as each new build comes out, do i need to pay the $9, or how does that work?

  5. freard says:

    I installed Raspex on my Rpi2 .
    I want to use putty for remote manipulation. But what is the id and password?
    I like to install Scratch 2.0 requires adobe air installation .
    Is it possible?
    Thank you very much for your work.
    Michel FREARD
    French teatcher

  6. Ross Bell says:

    Managed to get raspex up and running, was trying to configure wsjtx but keeps giving the wrong configuration for sound input. How is the sound configured?

    Thanks Ross Bell

  7. Erik Kemper says:


    Is there a trick to get the 3inch PiTFT to work on the android?


  8. Richard says:

    Thank hou for all your hard work this is great ttnews for rPi2 owners. Can you tell me if the Ace plawyer engine works ok?

    Many thanks


  9. mohd says:

    first of all, I don’t know if are going to see this message or not, but I wanted to thank you for making this possible.
    secondly, I wanted to ask, do raspAnd system support raspberry extensions like the speaker, mic and fone ones


  10. learning64 says:

    Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for efforts in building an awesome OS for the Rasberry Pi2 experience. Unfortunately, I have tried my best to get it loaded for the last three days with no luck. I have downloaded versions of Raspex from different locations, tried three different Pi modules and three different Micro SD Cards from different manufacturers. I keep getting the same error. Error states “kernel panic – not syncing : attempted to kill init!”. I have searched the net for a fix but nothing that has worked. So now I must ask should I continue trying with this Raspex version for the Pi that sounds awesome or just give up and go with another distribution. Please advise.. “learning64”

  11. learning64 says:

    I downloaded image per the link, transferred to SD card as I’ve done few times over, same issue. Must be same image, no difference. Error reads:

    “end Kernel panic – not syncing: Attempted to kill init” exit code=0x00000000b”

    I also tried two different brand of SD cards. I’m sure I’m the only one getting this error?

  12. learning64 says:

    Question could the reasons be my Pi units? I have Rasp Pi 2 B+ units with 512k memory. Are these compatible? do I need 1mb units? The micro SD Cards are 8gb’s. Pls respond.. Tks

  13. learning64 says:

    Correction, I have 512mb not 1gb RAM units. Imaged straight to formatted an 8gb SD Card. No partitions created manually.

  14. exton says:

    Insufficient RAM (512MB) can be the reason.

  15. learning64 says:

    That’s what I was suspecting judging from what I was finding on the internet. Is there a DTB file available for download that is configured for my unit with 512mb RAM so I can try or can one be made available?

  16. alonso says:

    excellent work. could compile system/bin files with busybox, su and sqlite3 to rooting. I have tried to use these files that are used in phones but I do not work here, I guess the processor RPI.

  17. learning64 says:

    Hi again, just wanted to update my thread. I switched my Pi from a 512MB RAM model to a new ver.2 1GB RAM model and RaspEx was able to boot up. So the 512mb units are not compatible with RaspEx. I have tested for a week and it’s not bad. Just need to work on choppy animations/youtube content. I will monitor the site for updates. All the best !

  18. Fabio says:

    You do not hear the sound from the browser chromium during the video, since the last installation of RaspEX: how to do, what to install, alternatives?
    Congratulations on the work you do.

  19. Will says:

    The pinkish red background is incredibly hard on the eyes and with my 2560×1440 monitor the background is taking up around half of the screen. Any chance you guys could change it to something a bit more subtle? It’s annoying removing it on every page.

  20. Robert says:


    On RaspAnd 150924, how do I get the WiFi and GPS working? They work fine in Raspbian.

    Thank you,

  21. PETE says:

    google play is extremely slow it is just not usable, is there any way of speeding it up

  22. Petr says:


    First of all – thank you for all your great work!

    I was wondering – is there any plan for the RaspAnd to support the new DSI connected touchscreen display?

    This would be an amazing way to create tablet like experience with official components.

  23. Henry says:

    Have a question. Can this build run on a Rockchip RK3288 and/or RK3368 ?

  24. Phil.M says:

    How can i get a refund for a not working software?

  25. Henry says:

    Hello Exton. Have a question.. I have a Rasp Pi2 B+. I downloaded and installed RaspAnd on another partition (not the 2nd Partition). How can I instruct the supplied bootloader to find the RaspAnd build in the 4th partition? Also, can I use GRUB to do the bootloading instead?

  26. Filippo says:

    Hi exton, is this Android installation capable to support GPS sensor, acceleration sensor and Camera shields for Rasp Pi3? In case not, do you think it will be possible in future versions?
    Thank you.

  27. Arri says:


    Having fun with RaspEx, faster than Raspbian as promised!

    Trying to run kodi (no problem for installation) without success (crash…).

    Is there any solution? It would be nice to have this all-on-one.


    • exton says:

      Glad you like RaspEX!

      I will do a test installation of Kodi myself later. (In a couple of days or so).

      • Arri says:

        Thanks a lot.

        I have tried again following the steps stated at the referenced Kodi page (uninstalling it previously).

        The difference is that in my first try I didn’t add the repository (add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa).

        The problem becomes now at installation time.


        Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
        requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
        distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
        or been moved out of Incoming.
        The following information may help to resolve the situation:

        The following packages have unmet dependencies:
        kodi : Depends: kodi-bin (>= 2:16.0~git20160220.1654-final-0wily) but 15.1+dfsg1-3 is to be installed
        Depends: libgif5 but it is not installable
        Depends: libshairplay0 but it is not installable
        Recommends: libva-intel-vaapi-driver but it is not installable
        E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

        • exton says:

          Ok, it seems difficult to get Kodi to work, (but not impossible). You could test to use Raspbian’s sources.list temporarily to get the missing packages installed – see my answer to max below (re. Bluetooth).

          • Arri says:

            No way… anyway thanks for your response.


            1. After configuring raspbian repos and apt-get update…

            Reading package lists… Done
            W: GPG error: jessie InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 9165938D90FDDD2E
            W: GPG error: jessie InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 9165938D90FDDD2E

            2. apt-get install kodi:
            raspex@raspberry:~$ sudo apt-get install kodi
            Reading package lists… Done
            Building dependency tree
            Reading state information… Done
            E: Unable to locate package kodi

          • exton says:

            I wasn’t thinking of Kodi. I saw it as a possibility to install the missing packages to be able to install Kodi the other way. (Using the repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa).

            You don’t have to care about the GPG errors.

            Anyway I will try to install Kodi later on in RaspEX and tell you how I did it (if I’m successful).

            EDIT a few hours later
            Well, I could install Kodi in RaspEX. It was a bit tricky, but…
            If you want to give it another try you should follow the guidelines here:

            Kodi is started with the command kodi-standalone

            Kodi will look like this when running in RaspEX

            NOTE: To be able to install all packages needed you’ll have to switch between RaspEX’s sources.list and Raspbian’s sources.list a couple of times. Use Synaptic when installing new packages. Start with installing kodi-bin.

            Maybe I will make a RaspEX version with Kodi preinstalled, but it depends on how useful I’ll find it to run Kodi on Raspberry Pi 3/2. (I have never used Kodi before in any OS).

  28. Robert Flanagan says:

    Thanks for the new RaspEX version. I included the line “disable_overscan=1” in /boot/config.txt to remove the black bar around my screen. Great work!

  29. Greetings from Howick, Auckland New Zealand.

    I bought, recently, a Raspberry Pi 3 B and have tried your RaspEX OS with it.

    However, I have a slight problem. When the OS boots up, the text and the icons are both too small to see properly.

    The font size is about .5 mm and the icons about 1.5 mm to 2.0mm.

    I’m guessing that you might have used a different resolution on your monitor screen when you saved the files. Could that be correct?

    Keep up the good work.


    G.S. Williams

  30. P.S.

    I’m using the RPi 7″ screen.

    G.S. Williams

    • exton says:

      So you can run RaspEX and use the official Rpi 7″ touchscreen? That’s good news!

      Font sizes: Try to change values in /boot/config.txt. Maybe you should also change LXDE’s Desktop preferences.

      If you run the command sudo raspi-config and you will get a menu with different configuration alternatives. Maybe you can change something there.

      Do me a favor and post a picture of your Raspberry Pi 3 with the touchscreen attached while running RaspEX.

      • Hi Exton,

        I don’t think that you got the point!

        The font size in the boot-up and on the main screen after boot-up were too small to read, so it is impossible to use the CLI.
        The graphics settings need to be changed for the Raspi 7″ screen, and that can only be done at your end. The screen settings need to be changed.


        G.S. Williams

        • exton says:

          I think I did. If you can’t read anything because of the small font size (while using the touchscreen) you’ll have to use another monitor (first) and do your changes.

          • Unfortunately, I tried that unsuccessfully. My Pi , even with other OSs, would not recognise any other monitor.

            Sorry, we missed again.

            G.S. Williams

          • exton says:

            That’s strange. I can’t very well make a special version of RaspEX for the 7″ touchscreen. Especially since I don’t have one myself.

            The file /boot/config.txt is anyhow possible for you to edit. Have you tried that?

  31. Fred Finster says:

    How difficult would it be to port your RaspberryPi3 RaspEX software to this NanoPi2 hardware. Using the AmPak AP6212 Wifi & Bluetooth interface

    If I mailed you NanoPi2 Hardware to Sweden, What other “items” would you need to port RaspEX onto this NanoPi2 Hardware. Fred Finster WB7ODY Amateur Radio operator. Private email with details. I Don’t expect you to write software for free.

    • exton says:

      If you can’t run RaspEX or Raspbian on the NanoPi2 right now (not even boot up the systems) the whole thing involves a lot of work. Then I don’t think I’m the right person to turn to. It’s something for the developers at Linaro.

  32. Hi, Exton,

    When I first tried to use my main Monitor, the 7″ touch-screen monitor was still connected and was stopping the Pi from recognising the main monitor, hence the problem.

    Since our last communication, I have disconnected the 7″ touch-screen and tried the main monitor again, successfully.

    So I wish to apologize for wasting your time.

    Best wishes.

    G.S. Williams

  33. Don Gateley says:

    Hi, Exton. Thanks for Raspex. I’m trying to use 421 headless without ever connecting a monitor or keyboard and find that neither VNC Viewer or TightVNC Viewer are able to make a connection. I tried and raspberry:1 as addresses and am told “The connection was refused by the host computer”

    I can log in via PuTTY ok as raspex (the root password doesn’t seem to be root) but sudo apt-get update fails to find paths it needs.

    Must the first graphical connection be via keyboard/display hardware rather than VNC? Thanks.

  34. Nick Liversidge says:

    Hi Exton, I have installed the latest build of RaspAnd, Android 5.1 lollipop, and I have one issue and one question 🙂

    My issue is, in settings Wireless & Network I only have … More that has VPN in it and no other networking options even with a network cable plugged in. How do I fix this please.

    My question is, is there a way to root this build as I would like to use su commands?
    Thank you

  35. Javier says:

    Sorry for my English, It is posible install RaspEX in Spanish, and it would command

  36. Pat says:

    First off , Thank you.

    I recently purchased a rasp pi 3 and was searching for a new os that was not limited to media server functionality. Raspi sounded perfect. I downloaded and booted Raspi on one of my old Rasp pi 2 Computers and everything seemed to work fine. I have since moved the Micro SD card t0 my Raspberry pi 3 and although the pi boots and has Ip connectivity (previously set on Pi2) it does not prompt for a login but instead shows the kodi screen blank with no menu. Am I missing something obvious? FYI I can login via SSH

    Relevant information build 160703

  37. Pat says:

    oops, found the issue, thanks anyway

  38. X says:


    Thanks for all the hard work.

    I recently purchased Raspberry Pi image ( with Android Lollipop 5.1). I know it has no support for wifi and bluetooth, but I bought an Edimax USB wifi dongle in order to test connectivity.
    Have you tried with usb wifi dongles ? It is possible to add Wifi and Bluetooth support through USB dongles with this 5.1 Lollipop version?



  39. Isaac says:


    I have purchased image some weeks ago (5,1 version) and since now (summer) I didn’t have time for testing it. But now I can make it 🙁

    I have created SD partitions from lubuntu following your guide here:
    Everything seem to be ok, I can see 8 files on /boot and android like structure folder on /system etc… However I can not run it. I am only see a multi color screen on Raspberry, nothing else, 2 o 3 minutes waiting… nothing…

    Can you please help me?
    Thanks in advance!

    • exton says:

      Please read all other comments from people who had similar boot problems. I.e. you have done something wrong during the installation. You shall see the word ANDROID on the screen (no multi colors). The boot process is very slow btw.

      • Isaac says:

        Hello exton and thank you a lot for reply me. The screen I see is which seems to mean about KERNEL problem. I tried different ways to make the SD card, always the same.

        You mention about reading about other users comments, but I can not see any reference to multi colors, etc.

        For me, it is not a problem if the system load slow. I only need to run a very single app on Android. I really need having an Android running 24/365…

        Maybe could I try a newest image from you? 6.0? Could I try please?

        I really appreciate your help!
        Thank you so much

  40. Bernd Titze says:

    Hellp Exton

    I purchased this version
    RaspAnd 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) for Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 2 Build 160717
    but I’m not able to install is on a micro-sd with linux-partitions, because I use W10.
    So the best way for me would be a img-file of your installation, which I can write in once on a sd-card. Can you offer something else ? Or where can I get it ?
    Best regards – Bernd

    • exton says:


      No, I can’t. Sorry. RaspAnd has to be installed exactly as I describe on the INFO site. To do it you don’t have to have a Linux system installed on your computer. You can just use a Linux live CD with GParted pre-installed.

  41. Jony says:

    Dear, Exton Linux
    The link expiration time was too short. Please, request a new download link.
    I count on the understanding of you.

  42. rafp says:

    I Installed the new version but the apps: IPTV Player Latino, You TV Player and PlayView: I can heard the videos BUT I can’t watch them.

    The app: Google Play Service: It keep popping windows “Stopped”

    What can I do for fix it?
    What I am making wrong?

    Thanks for your help,


  43. Peter says:


    I just installed the 160915 version, because in the 160315 my Clash of Clans stopped working after the update last week, I could not get it updated because the whole screen corrupted, Aptoid gave only “Server Errors”.
    At the 160915 things look beter, but when updating Clash of Clans it gives a “Not available for this device”.
    How to get it back running again??

    • exton says:


      Maybe this new version of Clash of Clans isn’t compatible then. What you can do is to reinstall and keep the old version of Clash of Clans. Or is there a big difference between the versions do you mean?

      • Peter Prins says:


        I try to uninstall it from the ES explorer, then will try a install from the playstore again, for a full install instead of a update.
        But I got the message from the ES explorer to enable root explorer from settings, I searched like hell can’t find that setting!
        Where do I find it?

        • exton says:

          Unfortunately you can’t become root.

          When I said “reinstall” in my previous answer I meant the whole system.

          • Peter Prins says:

            Pitty, so far for RaspAnd it was the only reason for me to buy it, to play Clash of Clans on a big screen.
            In the first version I bought it worked fine until a update, CoC updates are mandatory after a update release the previous refuses to start.
            But why can’t you uninstall a APP?,…it’s a basic function even on a Android phone, or am I missing something?

          • exton says:

            Unfortunately RaspAnd doesn’t work quite as good an Android phone (yet).

            What you can do is to mount the img file and remove the Clash of Clans app. Then reinstall. Hopefully you can install the now version of Clash of Clans then. Use Aptoide for that.

  44. Carlos says:

    Sorry, use the cable but can not access the Internet, I have tried the wi fi. I can not access the internet pages. raspex-ubuntu-16.10-lxde-1110mb-161019.

  45. Naveen says:


    I didn’t receive the download link. Please advise….

  46. Rolle says:

    My old Plasma TV doesn’t have settings for underscan or overscan the display. Fortunately Openelec/Kodi for the Raspberry let me do this.
    Does your Android also have a setting for that?

  47. Benni says:

    I´ve installed the actual release onto my PI 2B, but the system wont boot up. Didnt see any picture….

    tried 2 sdcards, to powersupplys…to type of led-tvs 🙁

  48. ugo chirico says:

    I’m studying your RaspAnd for my Raspberri Pi 3 application. It seems more promising then the other Android+Raspberry works.
    My question is: I want to set my custom boot display with my logo and texts. Is it possible with RaspAnd?

  49. Moe says:

    I just want to know before buy raspand if apps consider RasPand as an emulator ? are they detecting it’s an emulator ? Can you test wit the “AppLike” application on th google play store ? if you arrive to register and acces to the menu it’s mean the app doesn’t detect RaspAnd as an emulator

    Thanks in advance

  50. JJ van der Dusssen says:

    Hi, I have bought RaspEX for Raspberry Pi 3/2 Build 160703 – based on Ubuntu 16.04 – with OpenCPN 4.4.0 pre-installed. I’m running it on a Raspberry 3 model B with build in wifi and bluetooth adapter. I’m trying to get the bluetooth working build have faild so far. I have seen your comment: “Bluetooth connections
    It seems difficult to use the “built in” Bluetooth adapter running RaspEX on Raspberry Pi 3. Two packages are missing. Namely pi-bluetooth and bluez-firmware. Those packages can’t be installed in RaspEX unless you temporarily change /etc/apt/sources.list. Unfortunately I could not get Bluetooth to work in RaspEX on Raspberry Pi 3 even with pi-bluetooth and bluez-firmware installed, but I’m no Bluetooth “expert”. Please let me know if you have better luck. (And how you did it). ”

    I have tried to change source.list as you described but the content is now different from what you described, so I’m a bit lost now.. I can see that those posts were from march 2016, so we are almost a year later. Is there any change ? What would be the solution to get bluetooth to work? I find it strange that it is so hard to get bluetooth to work on the R3 with this install while with standard raspian it work directly.

    • exton says:

      Probably it’s a kernel matter. My latest RaspEX build – to be released later today – uses kernel 4.4.49-exton-v7+. Kernel 4.4.49 is the latest kernel available for Raspberry Pi.

      Bluetooth works in my latest build after installing Blueman (Bluetooth Manager).
      Screenshot 1 – showing Bluetooth Manager and my Android phone
      Screenshot 2 – sending a file from my Raspberry Pi 3 to my mobile phone

      I will make a new version of RaspEX with OpenCPN with the new kernel installed (and Blueman). Just tell me you want it when it’s ready.

      EDIT a little later
      Sorry, but I have to correct myself. It seems difficult (maybe impossible) to use the “built in” Bluetooth adapter running RaspEX on Raspberry Pi 3. Using a Bluetooth dongle for example Asus USB-BT400 dongle on Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 2 you should have no trouble using Bluetooth in RaspEX. Watch these two screenshots when Blueman (Graphical Bluetooth Manager) is running.
      1. Showing “paring” with my Android phone
      2. Showing the sending process of a file from RaspEX/Raspberry Pi 3 to my Android phone

  51. Rishabh says:

    Hi Exton 🙂
    First thank you for all your great work! 😀
    i bought raspand Marshmallow 160915 few months back
    i was wondering is there a way to stop Android app optimizing on every boot.
    they take very long time to load ages.. 🙂

  52. R4gtl says:

    I test last raspex.
    But i havent any internet connection (eth or wifi).
    I have an IP, i can ping my modem, but i cant go on internet “no valid active connections found”.

    • exton says:

      Wireless connections
      The new Raspberry Pi 3 computer has “built in” 802.11n Wireless LAN.
      Using Raspberry Pi 2 you have to have a Wireless USB Adapter. The only one which works for Raspberry Pi 2 is Edimax EW-7811Un (as far as I know). I both cases you must configure Wicd Network Manager (apt-get upgrade) before you can use it. (You don’t need a wired connection for that). I.e. Wicd is already installed by me, but as I just said Wicd has to be configured before you can use it. Then change Wicd’s preferences to suit your wireless connection. IMPORTANT: You’ll also have to add your router’s IP address to /etc/resolv.conf to be sure to get a permanent stable Internet connection.
      NOTE also: You’ll have to edit /etc/resolv.conf even if you use a wired connection.

  53. Per says:


    Just found this page and all the work you put in for the RPi – amazing work 🙂
    Based on what I’ve seen here, is there any distant plans on releasing something similar amazing for the Asus Tinker Board?
    The current state of their own Linaro-based “TinkerOS” is not up to par with what you should expect from a company like Asus..

    Thanks in advance,

  54. Multiverse says:

    Hi exton when is your next raspand coming out.

  55. Govind Raj says:

    Reg:- RaspEX for Raspberry Pi 3/2 – Build 170221 – based on Ubuntu 16.10 with LXDE, kernel 4.4.49-exton-v7+.
    I installed it on RPi3 and runs well. Appreciate your work.

    Question :- I installed Kodi from synaptic package manager and tried to run it. But I get a black scree. Can Kodi run on this build or do I have to install some other build.?

  56. Govind Raj says:

    Please suggest how to configure Plank dock to autostart in RaspEX for Raspberry Pi 3/2 – Build 170221 – based on Ubuntu 16.10 with LXDE, kernel 4.4.49-exton-v7+, installed and running on Raspberry Pi3.


  57. Guajho says:

    Hi, I installed the version for win32disk in Rpi3. I work relatively well. The problem is that I can’t install games like the clash royale, since it tells me that the device is incompatible. Can I anything be done? thanks

  58. gabriel says:

    Hello, I have tried to connect to the internet with the latest version of raspex-ubuntu. But I can not connect. What am I doing wrong? I follow all the steps and I have edited resolv.conf with my ip but I can not connect to the browser.

    • exton says:

      You must do it like this:

      Wireless connections
      The new Raspberry Pi 3 computer has “built in” 802.11n Wireless LAN.
      Using Raspberry Pi 2 you have to have a Wireless USB Adapter. The only one which works for Raspberry Pi 2 is Edimax EW-7811Un (as far as I know). I both cases you must configure Wicd Network Manager (apt-get upgrade) before you can use it. (You don’t need a wired connection for that). I.e. Wicd is already installed by me, but as I just said Wicd has to be configured before you can use it. Then change Wicd’s preferences to suit your wireless connection. IMPORTANT: You’ll also have to add your router’s IP address to /etc/resolv.conf to be sure to get a permanent stable Internet connection.
      NOTE also: You’ll have to edit /etc/resolv.conf even if you use a wired connection.

      If you have done exactly like this your Internet connection MUST work. Please restart your Rpi if it doesn’t.

  59. Frank says:

    I bought raspand-marshmallow-6.0.1-gapps-7400mb-160915.img for my B+.
    I installed with WinDiskImager different versions on several sdcards several times.
    WinDiskImager always says: Write ok. All partiotion are there…
    But no boot. Just red led on, no green led flashing for load.
    Downloaded .zip again yesterday and installed again.
    Same state: No boot. Just red led on, no green led flashing for load.
    Boot OpenElec ok.
    What is wrong?

  60. Bob from Michigan, US says:

    First of all, big fan of your work. You really provide excellent operating systems. So to my question. I’m trying to build an up-to-date wifi driver for 4.4.49-exton-v7+ on my raspberry pi 2. I can’t figure out where to get the linux-headers-4.4.49-exton-v7+ so I can do this. Can you help me out? Thanks!

  61. Derique Peachlum says:

    hello i bought RaspAnd Nougat 7.1.2 for Raspberry Pi 3 – Build 170805 loaded it to my micro sd card and booted it up in my raspberry pi3 after the muticolor square on startup my screen went blank giving me the message (“unsupported signal, please check device output”). I know that there is a file that can be edited on your typical raspberry pi software for example (raspbian) that can change the signal the device outputs. is there a setting that i can change on the card to get it to display on my 1080p high def tv? this is how i my raspberry pi3 raspbian, emulation station and openelec all work fine on my tv but this doesn’t. should i hook it up to a hdmi monitor or covert hdmi to vga? please help

  62. Fabio Santos says:

    Hello, I really liked your version of android for raspberry and I was wondering if there is any way for you to create a version of your android for the Ouya Console.

  63. Stefano Benedetti says:

    This distro works also with Touch screen LCD Raspberry Pi — 7″ (connected with the flat connector directly on the raspberry (not HDMI))?

  64. Christopher Petschel says:

    Good Day Exton

    Firstly I want to thank you for the amazing development for the RPI. I was actually regretting my purchase of the RPI due to limitations.

    I want to keep using my RPI as a media centre in my home. With the netflix limitations which you specified above. What are the chances of getting the screen mirroring/casting from an Android/IOS to the RPI3 working. This would allow you to watch netflix etc on a smartphone and just cast it to the RPI3.

    Would something like this be possible?


  65. Steve says:

    I am looking to run Android on a RPi3 for Kodi and STB EMU. I see many versions with Kodi but do you have a version which also runs STB EMU?

  66. Bill Hoy says:

    Hi there , just bought your “RASPAND-NOUGAT 7.1.2 but as a complete newbie I cannot get this to work: Imaged Software-connected to Internet but all I see is “TV interlace lines but nothing else. Can you please supply me with a “Complete Idiots Guide” to installing the Software correctly. Thank you in advance.

  67. Heiner says:

    Possible to use Google Assistant “0k Google”?

  68. Rae Limon says:

    can be installed with berryboot? because berryboot use a image

  69. Ole Chr. says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Payed and downloaded this:
    RaspEX especially for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ – based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS – with OpenCPN 4.99.0 pre-installed ::: Build 180331

    When I try to run: raspi-config the response is: “Command not found”

    Tried “sudo apt-get install raspi-config” but ran into dependency issues.

    How do I fix this ??

    Ole Chr.

    • exton says:

      raspi-config is for Raspbian. You can nevertheless install it in RaspEX. Change sources in /etc/apt/sources.list. Then run apt update. Be sure to change sources.list back to the original afterwards.

      What do you need raspi-config for?

  70. Eduardo Mazzucchelli says:

    hi, I sent an email.
    I have problem with raspberry PI 3 b+, but doest with raspberry PI 3, can it be possible ???
    with the same memory card, 32 GB class A,

  71. Eduardo Mazzucchelli says:

    I need the link for download product for PI 3 b+, can it be ?
    I bought the product, 7 may !!!


    • exton says:

      RaspAnd doesn’t work on the new Rpi 3 model B+.

      I’m working on it. So does many others. No Android system for Rpi 3 B+ works yet.

      A new kernel is necessary.

  72. Richard says:

    I have recently tried RaspEX on my PiB+ and I am very impressed. It is a fast and clean operating system. I am an Lubuntu user so I find navigating RaspEX very easy.

    There are still problems for me in using RaspEX and I do not know if this is the plkace to raise them.

    One problem is trying to add a new user. The Users Settings window just freezes when it is opened. Fortunately, I can still add a user with the adduser command.

  73. Ted says:

    Flashed Raspand Nougat 7.1.2 onto 32GB samsung evo. Loaded into my Pi 3B+ and nothing happens. Blank screen.

  74. César López says:

    First, I wanna thank your work with this amazing software. I’m very interested to buy it, but I have a doubt. Can I use this android as a movie player? Can I copy movies in SD card and play this movies with VLC, for example?


  75. Felix says:


    Thank you very much for RaspEX! I have one problem though I cannot solve:
    I cannot get the network to start after right boot/reboot. Only after login the network is enabled and I can login via SSH from another computer. I tried to use auto login by editing /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf but it always boots to the login screen.

    A desperation attempt of editing the rc.local file ended in a non-bootable state. Advice is greatly appreciated!

    (Pi 3 B+, RaspEx 180328)

    • exton says:

      Try to run the command sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf and reboot your computer. If that doesn’t work I don’t know what to suggest. Or if you want to boot in console mode you can uninstall LXDM and SLIM.

  76. Patrick Graham says:

    It’s been 2 hours and I still don’t have a download link or an email

  77. David Yu says:

    I am just inquiring before buying RaspAnd Nougat 7.1.2 and Oreo 8, if there is a way I can use a sim card for wifi on the RPi and if I can make calls through it somehow. this is because I am trying to make an RPi Android Auto using the app available on Google Play, also to be used as an android tablet when not in the car.
    If sim cards are supported, where should I look to find an adapter board add on.
    Kind Regards,
    P.S. I am using an RPi 3B

  78. Prasto says:

    I both RaspAnd today.. I used Etcher to flash it on SD card, but I am not able to boot it. Only red light is blinking and nothing happens. I have Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    I can boot Raspbian OS from the same SD card without any problem.

    What can be the issue ???

  79. Paolo Cabella says:

    I tried
    on my P3+
    All run well except bluetooth!
    It seem doesnt find the device (bluez did not start..)
    Any suggestion ?
    Thank you

  80. Augusto says:

    Hi, how do I access GPIO by RaspAnd Android?

  81. Hello, your system are already rooted ? It’s running with mode kiosk ?

  82. Augusto says:

    Hi, android RaspAnd supports Ethernet interface, sound, USB port, GPIO, Wifi card, DSI CAM, official 7 inch screen of Raspberry Pi 3 B and Raspberry Pi 3 B +?

  83. modge says:

    Hello I get “failed login command” and other failed message at boot for RaspEX with LXDE on rpi 3b and 3b+.
    Tried another sd card and using etcher then win32
    What can I do ?

  84. Parva says:

    Hey, saw many positive reviews here but my raspberry pi 3B+ is showing errors on booting:
    from the first line – firmware registration error, the user already registered aborting… , then after some numbers, end kernel panic , and then getting errors of USB ports not accepting address (error -110).

    What can be done?


    Just started using Raspex for RPI, build 321. Everything seems to be working well on initial use, but for no apparent reason Kodi crashes and cannot be launched. I tried replacing the profile.xml but made no difference. In fact the original profile.xml was present and looked the same as the replacement.

  86. Nigel says:

    Downloaded and booted RaspAnd Pie 9 Build 190429, great! But how to I expand the user partition to fit the remaining spa26 × 25 =ce on my 64GB card? I used Gparted but android wouldn’t boot after that?!? Thanks for your help and great job

  87. SimonB says:

    Raspberry Pi 4 Android TV Build as opposed to Android Phone OS would be incredible. The Pi4 has significant increases in capability and power and would be an amazing and ATV box. I would happily pay for it, what do you think Exton 🙂

  88. Robert Black says:

    I have a RPi 4 Box too and want a Android OS to connect to my TV and put KODI on.

    Thank you too

  89. Oscar says:

    Hello there,

    Thank you for all your hard work putting this all together for us. I was just wondering if the latest release you have will be compatible with the new RPi 4s.

  90. Robert says:

    Thank you for all do!

    Did you get a chance to look RaspAnd for Raspberry 4?


    Just installed RaspexKodi 190803. Installation went fine. However I can’t get Kodi to load. Google says unable to load Kodi in Raspbian Buster. The error message I get when trying to start Kodi is: Unable to create GUI. Exiting. Any suggestions how to make this work?

    • exton says:

      I don’t understand what you are doing. Please read my INFO at
      Please note that you have to expand the filesystem before you do anything else. Otherwise the system is “full”. You can get all sorts of error messages.

      Log in as user pi to LXDE and start Kodi from the menu at the top. You can’t run Kodi as root.

      • WARREN FRALEIGH says:

        I am using raspberry pi 3. Raspex automatically logged in as user pi to LXDE. I expanded the filesystem immediately. I then entered network info and my network was available. I then started Kodi from the menu as you suggested. Kodi would not load, and returned to the Desktop. I then tried to start Kodi from the terminal with the command: kodi . Result was : “Error: Unable to create GUI. Exiting
        Again, as above, I tried to explain. Your new raspex is based on debian 10 buster. According to various google sites, kodi 18 has issues with buster and will not load.

        • exton says:

          You are the only one…

          Several thousands of people have downloaded the image.

          Something is wrong with your installation and/or card. Reinstall and use Rufus in Windows this time.

          Normally Kodi 18 runs very well in RaspEX Kodi.


    I followed your directions precisely, tried another sd card , redownloaded the 190803 version, used Rufus 3.6 as before, resized the sd card and still got the same result. The previous version 190321 works fine. Are you sure that the several thousand people that you are mentioning are actually using the 190803 image,or the previous one. All those google sites that say Debian Buster will not run kodi can’t be wrong.

    • exton says:

      I’m very sorry because you are right. You get this error when you try to run RaspEX Kodi on a Rpi 3 Model 3+, but not when you run it on the new Rpi 4. Sloppy of me not to test RaspEX fully on a Rpi 3.

      Fix it by editing /boot/config.txt. Command: sudo nano /boot/config.txt

      The last line look like this: #dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d

      Change it to look like this: dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d

      Reboot. After that you can run Kodi 18.3 without problems.

      Thanks for letting me know this. I guess everybody else use a Rpi 4 now. I mean since RaspEX is downloaded about 600 times every day somebody else should have complained.

      • WARREN FRALEIGH says:

        I thought I was going crazy! Thanks for checking further. So far the videos are playing fine. There is a problem with the menus. The screen stutters when moving from one addon to another. I’ve read that this may be a problem until Kodi updates their addon to work with Buster.
        Thanks again.

        • Warren Fraleigh says:

          I don’t know if you will see this since I’ve put it in as a reply to an old problem from Aug 2019 regarding screen stuttering while moving the cursor. I have now just installed your newest Raspex 200324 on RPI 3+ and installed Kodi 18.6 debian version. Mouse cursor moves very slowly until I changed #dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d. However, as before the cursor now moves fine but there is a lot of stuttering of the screen and what I would call video noise when moving the cursor or switching screens. BTW this is on a video monitor not a TV.
          Any suggestions?

  93. freebs says:

    I cannot get the rpi 4 build for kodi to work at all.
    I’ve dd’d it to mSD .. used Etcher.. still nothing

    Expanded myself.. not sure what is wrong.. just blank screen.

  94. freebs says:

    Actually.. nothing wrong with the image.. it’s an older TV and it seems it can’t use the dtoverlay that’s been set..dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d … works fine on Pc monitor and an other TV I have.. just not this older Toshiba.

    Anything to have kodi work using a different overlay ?

  95. Patrick de Oliveira says:

    I can paly PUBG MOBILE LITE? Have Rapsberry pi 3 b+

  96. ola, fiz o pagamento da imagem .iso baixei e instalei no sd card porem não inicia o boot, não sei se estou fazendo algo de errado, teria um tutorial para me auxiliar nesse processo?

  97. Manu says:

    Hi, thanks for the RaspAndPie build that’s super.
    I just installed it on a pi3 B+, using a 32go as card, planning to use it in my car as head units.
    I just got 2 little issues so far,

    How can I expand the men card?
    I got 4gig available, I’ve tried to create a new partition with g-parted, but got an error and my boot loader doesn’t work anymore…. Is there a things to do to access to this partition? Maybe with Termux ?

    And I’m planning to use a DAC+AMP I see in overlays/read me a list of supported hat, I guess I have to add the corresponding Dt=overlays in config.txt, but can’t find my own DAC, is it possible to add a new one? If yes how to ?

    Thanks by advanced

    • exton says:

      I’m sorry, but haven’t figured out a way to expand the memory. All versions of RaspEX can be expanded easily. As regards RaspAnd Nougat and RaspAnd Oreo GParted can be used to increase the data partition. It doesn’t work in RaspAnd Pie because the system is build in another way.

  98. Andre Luis says:

    The Rasp Pie 9 system is not working on my Raspberry PI 3 B +. I’ve used Rufus, Etcher and Windisk32, but the image is not bootable … When you connect the Raspberry nothing appears. Would you help me?

  99. André Luis says:

    Sound not working in Raspiberry Pi 3 B+.

  100. Jack says:

    I have Pi 3B+
    I have stalled and everything is ok except for the Wifi
    Comes up with devices not available in the gui under networking

    It does work with a LAN cable plugged in

    • exton says:

      Which distro are you running/trying?

      LAN works all the time (in all distros).

      • Jack says:

        Grief I was half asleep – It the latest RaspEx
        As mentioned when I right click on the network icon – top left it says both devices are not available i.e. I cant select from available networks
        Thx in advance

        • exton says:

          What does sudo iwconfig say?

          Plug in your LAN cable and run the command sudo dhclient eth0

          • Eric says:

            Hi exton,

            WIFI on Raspberry Pi 3B does not work on the latest The network icon on the top right corner always shows a X for “Wi-Fi connection 1”

            WIFI on the same device works well with Raspian.

            Same issue as Jack mentioned above.


          • Eric says:

            sudo iwconfig

            eth0 no wireless extensions.

            lo no wireless extensions.

            wlan0 IEEE802.11 ESSID:off/any
            Mode: Managed Access Point: Not-Associated Tx-Power=31 dBm
            Retry short limit: 7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off
            Encryption key: off
            Power management: on

          • exton says:

            You have wlan0, so WiFi works. Just use NetworkManager and connect!

          • Warren Fraleigh says:

            Just installed 200324. Same problem with wifi. Icon upper right has ethernet and wifi networks blanked out. I followed your screen shot using iwconfig and ifconfig wlan0 up from May 12.20 and wifi started working. However the network manager icon still says no wifi connection. Any ideas how to correct the Network Manager

  101. Mark says:

    This looks very worthy to try out. However, sourceforge is the deal breaker. I thought you should know why myself and probably most everyone else don’t download it.

  102. Acabo de instalar raspand 9 en una raspberry pi 3 y no hay manera de que salga audio por hdmi

  103. Martin Blackwell says:

    Hi, I thought I’d try your distro on my Pi4. I currently use Libreelec linking to a backend Pi3 using TVHeadend. This works pretty well although the system sometimes hangs in Kodi if you return to the start of a video. Anyway, 2.5Gb zip from sourgeforge took a long time, not to mention the extract. I used etcher to transfer to 32Gb card (from Mint). The expand card function failed and there was no initial login, it just fired up the desktop. Adding TVHeadend client left Kodi spinning with ‘manager starting up…” – the network connection is fine and my login credentials to the backend server are ok. I have several other devices that launch Kodi and connect with no problem. Some of the reboots have required cold restarts as the system locked.

    • exton says:

      SourceForge has many servers. Some slow and some fast.

      Expand the card: Please read my INFO site. I.e.:
      Expand the filesystem on the SD card
      If you install many new big programs and/or download large files (for example videos) you may run out of space on the SD card. That is best fixed by running the following command: sudo raspi-config. Click on “Advanced Options” and choose A1 Expand Filesystem.
      NOTE: That’s all you have to do. Just wait for the script to fix everything. If you use a SD card of 32 GB all the space on it will be used afterwards. Watch a screenshot when raspi-config is running.

      To install you shall use Rufus 3.9. Not Etcher.

      On my Rpi4 using “good” SD cards RaspEX Kodi works without problems.

  104. eric says:

    How can I put Hulu onto RaspEX?

  105. saskrider63 says:

    Hello,new linux user,finally found a distro i like in RaspEX
    I am trying to extend the screen to a 2nd monitor
    i have the pi4 running off a dell alienware 34 inch screen,and also want to use a 7 inch waveshare lcd screen.What shows up on the small screen is just the rainbow screen that happens on boot of the pi4.
    Everything is shown on big screen,but the other screen just stays at the rainbow screen

    thanks for any input

  106. brad says:

    The issue of RaspEx using the 20.04 Ubuntu on RPI4 still has the same wifi connection issue as above. network manager allows for all credentials to be entered, however there is no success. please advise on a solution.

    • exton says:

      Did you follow my instructions at

      Most important is to resize the file system (before doing anything else).

      I will run RaspEX on my Rpi4 today and check this issue.

      EDIT a little later 200512
      I had no trouble getting a WiFi connection. Since all the Rpi4’s are the same…
      Watch this screenshot:

      • Warren Fraleigh says:

        Just installed 200324. Same problem with wifi. Icon upper right has ethernet and wifi networks blanked out. I followed your screen shot using iwconfig and ifconfig wlan0 up from May 12.20 and wifi started working. However the network manager icon still says no wifi connection. Any ideas how to correct the Network Manager

  107. I exton,
    I bought your RaspAnd package with three different editions: Oreo standard, Oro mini and Nougat. I tried to install them, with the same result: after the screen with the choice between “Copy data…” or “Set as new” I obtained the message “Setup Wizard stopped – Close the app”.
    My board is a Raspberry Pi 3. Tried two different class 10 SDs from Sandisk, 16GB and 8GB. Copied the OS on the SDs with Balena Etcher and UNIX command “dd”, both on Macbook Air.
    Van you help me solve the issue?
    Paolo Ballacci

  108. Warren Fraleigh says:

    I didn’t know if you will see this since I’ve put it in as a reply to an old problem from Aug 2019 regarding screen stuttering while moving the cursor. I have now just installed your newest Raspex 200324 on RPI 3+ and installed Kodi 18.6 debian version. Mouse cursor moves very slowly until I changed #dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d. However, as before the cursor now moves fine but there is a lot of stuttering of the screen and what I would call video noise when moving the cursor or switching screens. BTW this is on a video monitor not a TV.
    Any suggestions?

  109. Warren Fraleigh says:

    I have recently installed your 200324 .As I mentioned previously, I have a wifi connection even though the network manager menu items are blanked out. It worked fine until I installed Kodi. The 18.6 is a debian version. I am using Nordvpn for my private network, but it slows down kodi tremendously. Using Arnubox speed tester with the vpn disconnected it takes about 20 seconds to get a download and upload result which is very acceptable. However with vpn connected it takes about 10-20 minutes with extremely poor results. I’ve tried both with the openvpn in raspex and also with the openvpn addon in kodi with the same results. I thought of using the vpn connection menu in Network Manager but it is also blanked out. btw the connections menu item in the Network Manager says there are no active connections. Anybody else with this problem and any suggestions for getting better speed out of my vpn. I have been using the same openvpn addon and manager in previous raspex versions, raspbian versions, libreelec, and osmc without any problems or significant slowdowns.

  110. Hi Exton, I am on a search to find an affordable solution for Indian schools requiring an affordable solution for streaming class videos by a teacher. I tried BigBlueButton and struggled with it on my Raspberry Pi 4. With the number of problems related to aarch64 vs x86 for client software, I gave up. Now I am trying your RaspEx with Kodi, and hope to find a solution to stream Mobile (to capture Audio and Video) and send it through Kodi to students (Mobile or Raspberry Pi).
    If you like this idea, I hope you will chip in with some suggestions if I get stuck.
    Thanks a lot for your projects.
    I hope to contribute with my $9.
    Best wishes.

  111. Sanjay says:

    Hi, I am a noob and infact my first week with a Raspberry Pi, have the Pi 4 4gb.
    Came across Raspex and absolutely loving it, using build 1307 with a samba server.
    Just one small issue, I need to get Kodi started with boot so i can control directly with my tv remote without having to use any keyboard and mouse.
    Whatever tutorials I have come across does not work on Raspex. While booting desktop blinks for a few times when kodi tries to load but in the end does not load.

    • exton says:

      I’m not 100 % sure, but you could try to put (copy) /usr/share/applications/kodi to /home/pi/.config/autostart. Then reboot. Kodi should then start automatically. Let me know if it works.

  112. Enrico says:


    im little confused with the distributions of raspand

    i need one that works on tv’s via hdmi (lg 55”) and has bluetooth working

    Can you point me which build is better?

    Thank you

  113. Ciao. È un ottimo sistema per un ‘vecchio’ Raspberry Pi 2. Scusa l’intrusione: come posso far leggere i driver di una stampante? Non ci sto riuscendo! Ti seguo con interesse

  114. fricco says:

    which is the best/last version to run android on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B?

  115. Telmo Frias says:


    Just bought your RaspAnd 10, flashed the SD card using rufus and plugged the raspberry in but the system doesn’t seems to boot (no signal on TV).
    Can you help me understand what could be wrong?


  116. Timo Helkiö says:

    How I can get pvr-addon vdr-vnsi installed on 200723 RaspEE Kodi?

  117. That so much for this awesome work!

    I’m running into an issue while trying to expand the swapfile. it’s is currently at 0b/0b. Should I enable and set to 2g as suggested in an earlier release? Or do we keep it off now.

    Thank you!

  118. Alexey says:

    I am very interested in raspand for rpi3.
    Can you tell me if it is possible to run Kodi app on latest build and it can play FullHD movies?
    Now my rpi3 is running libreelec and its porfomance is enough for fullhd.

    I found old builds with kodi built-in, are they more suitable?

  119. Paulo Matos says:


    I have been reading a lot of your pages trying to find out an image of RaspAnd that supports Netflix.

    Is there any image of RaspAnd with Netflix working?

    Thanks in advance.

  120. j tremblant says:

    Very attractive OS, unfortunately it didn’t work for me booting from SSD drive. I got a blank screen with a blinking cursor. I tried playing with config.txt to force VGA modes or safe mode without success.
    I tested it on a Rpi4 8Gb with a Samsung Evo 860 256gb SSD and asm1153E USB3 tp SATA adapter which is 100% compatible with all Rpi4 distros out there including 32 and 64 bit ones.
    I tested it with 2 4K TV/monitors Samsung and Sony which work perfectly at 1080p with raspbian OS 32 and 64bit, TwisterOS, Mate 20.04, Manjaro 20.10, etc.
    Is there any current limitation for the latest OS to work only from microsd card?

  121. Maria Warner says:


    I am interested in article publication on your website.

    I would like to know:

    1. What is the price for article publication?

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    Maria Warner.
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  122. Elizabeth Davis says:

    We are looking for paid guest post on your website ( We have a website in Tech niche and we want you to post our article on your website. Let me know how much do you charge.

  123. Carlos Clemente says:

    i’m interested in buying RaspAnd for raspberry Pi 2, but only if i can use it as android tv, to be more precise, i would like to choose in my android phone, a video on youtube app and then send it to play on raspberry pi, i can do this with RaspAnd 7.1.2 build 170616?

    And that build is the latest/last for raspberry pi 2?


  124. rpluijmen says:

    Hi Exton,

    does RaspAnd 11 support the original 7 inch raspberry touch screen? If yes, do I need to set up something extra?

  125. quinness says:

    My auto login didn’t work after update (apt dist-update.)
    solve it by create the file “/etc/sddm.conf” and in that file enter

    Using this distro for ham radio, some stuff needs QT.
    Big thanks for nice distro (Y) 🙂 / Johan, Gunsta, Uppsala

  126. propage1 says:

    I have oreo running on a pi3B+. I need to have the 3.5 tft display working for portable use. When it boots , there is only a white screen. I tried 2 lcd pi screens, a 3.5 and a 3.2. It boots with no problem to my TV. Is there a way to get the pi lcd to work? Thanks

  127. node says:

    Hi Exton thanks for your brilliant work.
    I downloaded RaspEX Kodi 64 bit base on Debian 11 w/LXQT desktop. I use a Raspberry Pi4 8GB, with a 32MB SDcard.
    My issues are :
    1). NFAuthenicantionKey cannot start Chromium-Browser; and likewise unable to start in terminal. Got an error about –no-sandbox
    2). Cannot get kodi-PVR-IPTVsimple to start, even thought I have my m3u URL correct

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