raspex-kodi-logoDOWNLOAD – Three versions of RaspEX, based on Ubuntu 16.04/15.10,  from

Composite Sailing route.OpenCPN-small2) DOWNLOAD – from for 15 $




3) DOWNLOAD raspand-lollipop-5.1-googleplay-435mb-160315.tar.gz for 9 $



rasparch-logo4) DOWNLOAD rasparch-exton-558mb-160312.tar.gz for free from or from the Swedish Linux Society


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  1. mike says:

    I bought raspex for raspberry pi 2 and it runs allright but cannot find any store for more apps and no way to install an app store. Can you please tell me how to install the app store.

    • exton says:

      As I say on the INFO site you’ll have to install Aptoide App Manager. A lot of new apps can be installed with Aptoide. Be sure to change settings to allow “Unknown sources”.

      Google Play Store can’t be installed. Or I don’t know how to do it.

  2. Socrates says:

    Which of the operating systems that you have created, you can download the PopCorn Time to watch the movies? Can download and watch Netflix? I browse the Internet? Which one is faster?

    • exton says:

      The fastest one is RaspEX. You can’t use Netflix in any of my Raspberry systems. Too many dependencies. About Popcorn Time I don’t know. Possibly in RaspEX, but I don’t think so.

  3. Sócrates says:

    Exton, boa tarde. Após a compra e instalado no meu Raspberry, se você lançar uma nova versão. Como será a atualização? As atualizações estarão inclusas no valor que foi pago? Como saberemos se ouve uma nova atualização? Seremos avisados por e-mail?

  4. Sócrates says:

    Exton, good afternoon. After the purchase and installed on my Raspberry, if you release a new version. How will the upgrade? Updates will be included in the amount that was paid? How do we know you hear a new update? We will be notified by e-mail?

  5. Sócrates says:

    Exton, good afternoon. It has some way to watch TVHD open channels. The Raspberry Pi with RaspEX?

  6. mikael says:

    I wonder if “RaspAnd for Raspberry Pi 2 Build 3” can play FLASH and Youtube videos?

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  12. Arjun says:

    Does hardware acceleration work?

  13. anna-logica says:

    Hi. I installed RaspEx but I can not set it because I do not get to change the monitor settings. The background image looks great, but the rest of the interface is blurred and very small. I tried with a TV 32 and a monitor 15 with the same result. Any ideas? Thank you.

  14. Julio Cesar Abreu says:

    I bought raspex raspand-lollipop-5.1-googleplay-435mb-160315.tar.gz for 9 $

    this version works on raspberry pi 2 ?

  15. Qfubox says:

    Hi Exton,
    (1) I just bought the raspand 5.1-160315 today (@ May 12, 2016), I can’t enable network, whatever it is Wired-Net or WiFi, WiFi is working in a Linux (Debian from Nook) .

    (2) The three buttons MENU, HOME and RETURN can’t be found, I am not sure what is wrong with it. I connected my raspberry Pi 3 with my LCD monitor through a HDMI cable.

    (3) With Linux on the Pi 3, I use putty to connect raspberry Pi 3 and Ubuntu PC, without network, how can I do the access from my another host? serial port? ADB over uart?

    (4) I need to develop driver for the Android, how can I get the source code of the kernel 3.19.0-v7+

    Thank you very much,

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